Child in Mind (Engelse vertaling Luisterkind-afstemming)

Voor de Nederlandse versie, KLIK HIER

The Child in Mind® method

This is a method in which I talk with the energy of the client. The client could be a child, an adult, a person with a disability or a person who is deceased. A Child-in-Mind session takes place remotely. You do not have to come to my practice. This saves you travel expenses. This is comforting especially to a child as he/she does not have to be taking out of his/her comfort zone.

I will listen to the story the client wants to tell me. One client will tell his/her story with words, another could tell me with images which I will translate into written words.

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I will use the questions you have sent me as much as possible, but if the client finds it more important to talk about something else, then I will listen to the client. I will send you the completed manuscript in the words of the client.


Why an alignment

If you have any questions about your child, for example; Why does my child still defecate in his pants at the age of 6? Why is my child so angry? Why is my child such a bully? Why is my child afraid to go to bed at night? Etc. If you child is over the age of 10, he/she does have to give you permission for an alignment.

If it is an alignment for yourself, you could think of questions such as; Why do I keep coming up against the same problems? Why do I keep getting this angry? Why do I have a problem with certain behaviours? Etc.

After the conversation I have with the client, I will check for entities or aura lifters. I will ask the client first if they themselves have found a solution of bringing them to the light. Especially children are very creative with their solutions.

If necessary, I work with regression if the problem is with them from a previous life Here too, will I let the client themselves think about the problem and a possible solution, so they can let go and live their lives in the here and now.


Requesting an alignment

If you request an alignment through my email, you will receive a cover letter about how it works, and some suggestions for questions. It is also important that I get a recent photo of you, taken no longer than one year ago, in which the client is depicted alone, with their name and age. Once I have received your questions and the payment, you will receive the alignment within two weeks by email.

An Alignment costs € 75,-